Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm an Impatient Child

God has promised that He will take care of me and provide me with everything that I need. He has promised me that if I delight in Him, He will give me the desires of my heart. And so far He has. I know that when I worry about what I don't yet have, it shows lack of trust in Him and His plan.

I realized just now that the fact that I continue to worry and obsess and overthink basically makes me like a pouty little kid who can't see the bigger picture for focusing on the smaller picture - the NOW. The bigger picture is what God sees, and He knows what's best for me. He is my Father and I'm His child. But I need to stop acting like a little kid who's not getting her way. I need to fully trust Him and be content in knowing that in the grand scheme of things, everything is going to be okay. If I know that, then there is NO point in getting all worked up right now. At all.


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